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Weddings and Private Parties


The entertainment is responsible for the success of your party.


People will remember your party and talk about it for years afterwards, if they have had the opportunity to dance and sing along with music they enjoy. That is why it is so important to get the RIGHT band


The Skinny Dippers are a real band, not a bunch of session musicians put together for a night. We have played hundreds of shows and we understand by now how to make a party swing. We enjoy playing music together, and we transmit that enjoyment to our audience. We have an extensive reportoire of songs covering a wide range of musical styles, and we play what is suitable for the occaision, not our own favourite songs. We will play at an appropriate volume for the venue and the occaision and we will listen to you! If you want us to turn it down we will. Its your party! We don't have a pre-arranged set list. We play what feels right in the moment,  to maintain momentum and keep the party bubbling and the Dance floor packed.


If you are interested in booking us, you are welcome to come and see us play, or to review the videos in the video section. Our show is not only about the sound, its also about the atmosphere we generate. We are good at what we do, but don't expect waltzes and foxtrots. We are not that kind of band!


Pubs / Clubs


We love playing in pubs and clubs. We do not book through agents, and so these gigs are the shop window through which we get many of our other gigs. We are also able to  play some of the "rockier" songs that are not suitable for party gigs.


Call or email:

Paul on 07767 481634 E: [email protected]

Mike on 07740 631231 E: [email protected]




The Fee is negotiable and varies from zero for Charity gigs,  to around £6-700 for a large Wedding. It  depends on a number of factors including where the venue is, how big it is, how early the band need to arrive, how late it will finish and what exactly you want us to do. Our costs are all in and  include all of the incidental music, and the disco. Every event is different, so think about what you want and call us to discuss. We will work with you to fine tune the details, and provide a quote. We would advise you to book early if you have a specific date in mind.


Just a thought on our costs. What you see at the show is just the tip of the iceberg. We have all spent years learning to play, have spent the equivalent of the Gross National Product of a small country on our instruments, amplifiers, sound system and Lighting Rig, have costs for rehearsal room rental, consumables like stage lights and guitar strings, equipment maintenance and repair and travelling. Please consider this when you are evaluting the quote.


Remember, the entertainment is responsible for the success of your party! Get It Right and book The Skinny Dippers.


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